Negociation & Contract Services

Contract & Tender Services

Contracts and procedures govern commercial relations between businesses and public sector bodies interested in buying goods or services.


There are three types of public procurement contracts:

  • works: construction, demolition, recovery, restructuring, restoration and maintenance activities;
  • supply: these are public procurement contracts for procurement, financial leasing or leasing by public administrators of all products required for the bodies to function;
  • services: these are public procurement contracts for the provision of services.

In most cases, the public authority selects a supplying business through a public auction open to all interested businesses.

A committee awards the contract taking into account the price and technical characteristics of the offers submitted.


The code of public contracts divides the public procurement contracts into four types that are differentiated in terms of structure:

  • fixed-price contracts;
  • unit price contracts;
  • mixed fixed and unit-price contracts;
  • time and material contract.
  • Code of public contracts


Tendering procedure: Step-by-step guide

There are four main types of contract award procedure:

  • The open procedure (or public auction): all businesses that wish to may participate provided they fit the criteria for the type of work and the price.
  • The restricted procedure (or private treaty): all businesses invited by the relevant public administration may take part in the tendering procedure.
  • The negotiated procedure: can be used for contracts of less than €500,000 (except for urgent works for which the limit can be exceeded); the competing companies (at least 5) are selected and invited to submit a tender by the contracting authority.
  • The competitive tender: applicable for operations with a significant architectural element. In this procedure, a candidate draws up a project related to the services requested, based on the requirements of the administration, proposing the conditions and prices he is prepared to offer for the contract.



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